a short film by Tash Baycroft

Cory Monteith Frederic Robinson

Cory Monteith (Glee, Kaya, Kyle XY) and Frederic Robinson (How to Survive the 10th Grade, Dark Waters of Crime II, Close Your Eyes) star in this gripping thriller that will keep you guessing all the way through.

Davis Calder (Monteith) has always had a lust for success, but despite his charm, has never been able to make it to the top. His best friend Randall Wills (Robinson) has always wanted to be somebody, but despite his keen eye for business, has never been able to sell himself or his ideas. When Randall and Davis go into business together it seems like they've finally hit on a winning combination. Before long, Davis and Randall are making a name for themselves in the fierce national securities trading market. The ride to the top for both is more than they could ever have dreamed, culminating in Uptick Enterprises being named one of the top 100 fastest growing companies. On the surface everything seems phenomenal but underneath the lustre of success lies a web of deceit. As Davis becomes more and more the poster boy of the company, enjoying all the trappings of success, Randall finds himself spending more and more late nights at the office and his health begins to suffer. What happens next will send shock waves through both their personal and professional relationship. Things quickly spin out of control in a series of twists and turns that lead toward a stunning conclusion. You'll need to watch it more than once to take it all in.